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Search smarter

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See the things that interest you

Sign in and add your interests in Bing settings to see personalized news, weather, flights, stocks, and more right on the Bing homepage.

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Get more relevant search results

Sign in with Microsoft and receive results most relevant to you for searches like my flights, events near me, movies times, and local restaurants.

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Access favorite images anywhere

Use the heart icon to favorite images on your mobile or desktop, and then view them again from a different device when signed in to your Microsoft Account.

Tablet screen showing Bing search.

Search Bing and earn free stuff

Sign in and search on your desktop or mobile device to earn Microsoft Rewards points. Redeem your points for stuff you love, like gift cards for games, movies, and apps, sweepstakes for exclusive prizes, and more from Microsoft.*

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*Microsoft Rewards is not available in all markets.