Empower and simplify your family's digital life

Sign in to your Microsoft account to setup and manage your family's digital life across Windows PCs, Xbox, and mobile devices. Share what's important to you with your family.

Shopping that stays inside smart limits

Kids can get what they want with the money you add to their Microsoft accounts. They won’t need your credit card, and we won’t let them buy stuff that’s too old for them.

Find your kids on a map

No more “where are you?” when kids have their Windows phones turned on. Adults in the family can use their phones to make sure their kids are OK.

A window into their digital life

Activity reports let you check in on kids’ online activity. If you need to, you can block specific apps, games, or websites.

Set good screen time habits

Together, you can talk about good habits and set limits on how much time they can spend with their screens.

When you sign in, you can:
  • View all family members
  • Add a family member
  • Remove a family member
  • View your kid's activity
  • Manage your kid's online activities and safety
  • Set your kid's permissions for websites, games, apps, and movies
  • Set up allowances
  • Find your kid's email address
  • Choose what info your kids can share with people online
  • Manage your kid's allowed screen time

Not all services are available in all markets.